EB-5 Investor Process

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New Orleans & Gulf Coast Regional Center Phase 1, L.P. (The “Partnership”)

Application Process

To review the project in further details. We request that interested parties complete the

” Suitability Questionnaire ” . This suitability questionnaire is essential to ensure that an

offering is conducted in compliance with applicable laws of the United States.



  1. Complete Suitability Questionnaire

Completed “Suitability Questionnaire”

Your responses will be reviewed and where appropriate a Private Placement Memorandum will be sent to you.


  1. Review Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”)

The Private Placement Memorandum for a project includes the Business Plan, Limited Partnership agreement, Subscription Documents together with Investor and family questionnaires for your review and completion.


If you wish to proceed with your EB-5 visa investment, the steps below will apply:


  1. Completed Escrow and Subscription Documents

A separate copy of Escrow and Subscription Document will be made available at this stage.


  1. Return Completed Escrow and Subscription Documents

The NOGC-RC Phase 1, LP EB-5 Administrator will arrange for you to receive the executed copy of the Investor Escrow Agreement countersigned by the Escrow Agent and the general partner of the Partnership.


  1. Transfer of Funds

You may ask your bank to wire transfer the funds to the Escrow Account. Upon receipt of Funds, you will receive confirmation of receipt from the Escrow Agent. (Wire Transfer Instructions are contained with the Subscription Documents package).



  1. Complete Subscription


Upon receipt of funds and completion of above mentioned documents. The General Partner will then at his discretion counter-sign the subscription does thereby accepting you as a partner in the Partnership.



  1. Retain Legal Counsel/Prepare I-526 Petition


You will require the assistance of legal counsel who is experienced in the EB-5 Visa Program. If requested, the Partnership can provide a schedule of attorneys known to them that are familiar with the EB-5 Visa Program. Regional Center documentation will be released to your attorney for their use in preparing your I-526 petition.


Important Notice: Your application/ petition under the EB-5 Visa Program cannot be filed with USCIS until you have completed the above documents, paid your subscription amount in full and have been admitted as a limited partner of New Orleans & Gulf Coast Phase 1, LP.



  1. Processing Times


Investors should refer for guidelines to the processing dates as stated on the USCIS website www.uscis.gov.


While there are many variables, the issuance of conditional green card estimated processing time from the date of your Attorney filing form I-526 petition with USCIS;

We believe that 9-12 moths is a general guideline depending upon the nationality of the prospective alien entrepreneur and personal circumstances, and availability of required information, although this period may be substantially longer depending on individual circumstances.


– Application of Removal of Conditions to Permanent Green card- can apply after 21 months from the date your green card was issued or from the date you entered the U.S. if application was via consular process.


– If desired, subject to USCIS regulation, apply for Naturalization to become a U.S Citizen after 5 years from issuance of conditional Green Card.